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Colorado’s Statewide Mobile Welding Service
for Commercial and Industrial Properties
24/7 Emergency Services!

Providing professional welding services where and when you need it in all of Colorado, we offer both emergency services, as well as scheduled services at the time you need it, day, night or weekend. 24 hour service is available.

Lightning Mobile Welding provides all the various types of welding and cutting methods that might be needed to get any project done, no matter how large. (Excepting underwater projects!)

Intricate Architectural Welding and Fabrication is our Specialty!

We are well versed of the onsite welding services in steel, stainless and aluminum using SMAW, GTAW, GMAW and FCAW. (Stick, TIG, MIG, Flux Core MIG) We specialize in pipeline rig welding services for oil, gas and water industries in the State of Colorado. We can weld any size of pipe, mild steel, stainless steel, handrail, heavy equipment, gates, railings, ladders, aluminum, or any other metal fabrication jobs you may have. Automotive, bumpers, tailgates, car & truck frames, fire escapes and anything that you need professionally welded.

To ensure that any disruption to our customer’s daily operations is kept to a minimum, we can even provide night and weekend personnel to get the work done at a more convenient time. If you require ongoing maintenance projects to be carried out or simply need individual skilled labor on a day to day basis, we are flexible enough to be able to provide the solution to whatever you need.

Save money by bringing your welding needs to our own welding and fabrication shop in Denver! We are located just off the 58th Street Exit on I-25.

Mobile Lightning Welding is available when and where you need us, 24/7 hours are our specialty and we can be there when you need us, be it an emergency or scheduled work/maintenance.

We have both the equipment and vehicles to get to where the welding needs to be done. Boom, lift or bucket trucks are just a part of our very large fleet of specialized vehicles available to perform many different needed tasks for commercial and industrial work. A large array of industrial type equipment is at our disposal, as well as the professional mobile welding gear to get the installation done correctly the first time with the least amount of expense.

Whether your needs are to have a professional welder at a construction site, to weld together a steel structure or building, build or repair gateways, stairs, fences, handrails, refinery and oil tankers, bridge structures, towers, fire escapes and any other metal structures that might need welding, Mobile Lightning Welding can handle the situation with the utmost professionalism.

For smaller projects where it might be cost prohibitive to use our mobile service, we have the facilities for you to bring your welding projects to us! This is the perfect way to get the expert welding job that you need to have done on your restored vehicles. We specialize in car, truck and large vehicle welding. At the same location we have our blasting services available for vehicles.

Do you own your dumpsters? Take advantage of using several of our divisions all at once. Get your dumpsters and their pads professionally cleaned either by high pressure washing or for more serious situation by water blasting or hydroblasting. Get the doors and hinges repaired and any welding done that might be needed. Make your dumpsters and their pads look new again.

With all our various divisions at Lightning Mobile, Inc. we are able to take care of all your commercial and industrial property maintenance needs.


Colorado Commercial & Industrial Property Maintenance
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(720) 414-5299
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