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Hydroblasting is a fairly new method of using Ultra High Pressure of up to 40,000 psi in a pulsating, blasting method to deliver water and other cleaning agents to blast away things that might not otherwise ever be removed.

Extreme care needs to be taken when using this newest in cleaning and stripping technologies and therefore it is imperative that you hire true professionals! HydroBlasting Colorado is a division of Lightning Mobile, Inc. Commercial and Industrial Property Maintenance is what we are known for throughout Colorado.


HydroBlasting Colorado covers all of Colorado with our speciality ultra high pressure equipment. Since we are a large scale commercial and industrial property maintenance company, we provide 24/7 service. Available when you need us there for after-hours, weekends, emergency services and regularly scheduled maintenance & cleaning.

Water blasting, also known as hydroblasting or water jetting, is one of the most versatile industrial cleaning technologies available today. We have the specific equipment and skilled personnel to put this economical and highly effective technology to work on your toughest problems. We take great pride in the quality of our service and possess the knowledge to find the right solution for your particular project. HydroBlasting Colorado is one of the only water blasting providers in the Rocky Mountain area. Common projects include striping and lane removal, coating removal, concrete profiling, and pipe and tank cleaning. Contact us today for a solution to your specific project needs.

With our special hydroblasting processes, we are able to offer professional scale lancing that will remove even the most adherent scale deposits that can tend to build up quickly in industrial and commercial applications. A safe and consistent cleaning process is provide by using these lancing services. By delivering a peak 40,000 PSI to the problem areas, this method of industrial cleaning can also be the quickest way to take care of your property maintenance needs, reducing down times and costs.

Coating and sealant surface preparation: The use of high pressure and ultra high pressure water has been used to clean various coatings on concrete surfaces for the purpose of repair and reapplication. Coatings are used to protect concrete from the elements, rain, salt, and to create a friendlier surface for human use. Concrete can also be covered with carpet or tiles using a heavy duty glue or mastic. High pressure water can be used to clean these materials off when new carpet or tiles are desired.

Airfield rubber removal: Commercial and military airfields are required to maintain certain levels of friction on runways to prevent planes from skidding. Runway design, weather and amount of rubber remaining from tire wear all play a role in the level of friction of a landing strip. If too much rubber is present, the friction of the landing strip will be less, requiring more distance for landings, especially in wet weather. High pressure water can be used to remove rubber and restore required friction.

Any time a rigid surface, such as asphalt, concrete or metal, needs to have a coating applied, the surface must first be prepared. Hydrocleaning has been used to prepare for the application of such coatings. Coatings are used to protect concrete from rain and salt, and to create a smoother surface for human use. Asphalt and concrete can be painted to communicate acceptable travel patterns, potential hazards, or for aesthetics. Hydrocleaning can be used to remove such materials off.

We are one of the few companies in Colorado that offer Hydro Blasting services to large vehicles and equipment throughout the State. This is superior to just having a high water pressure cleaning or steam cleaning methods available at the truck stops.

We can deliver up to 40,000 PSI to strip off any scaling, cement, tar, grease or grime, what have you that otherwise is not going to come off. Steam Cleaning and lower PSI Pressure Washing methods are also available to provide a complete cleaning and washing solution to your large vehicles and equipment.

Please call (720) 414-5299 to find out more about this super powerful means of getting a job done right.



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